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THANK YOU for posting this!!! It really does make me sad when people repost not just mine, but anyone’s graphics!! It takes less clicks to reblog something, than it does to repost it!! Not to mention how they take credit for another person’s work, when that person has put so much time, thought, and effort into what they make!! It seems that this Merlinfanatics blog is FILLED with reposts and that they are just spamming tags!! So I really appreciate all that you do in pointing out which sets are reposts and who made the orginals!! Keep up the awesome blog!!

"That’s not a strawberry."
Requested by Anon

Friendly Reminder About Positivity!

HEY Everyone!!

SO I just wanted to make a mention about positivity!! For those of you who may have read on my blog, or know me, I try to do all that I can to steer clear of any negativity surrounding the show Merlin! This is why I accept graphic requests for Merlin based on any character, any ship, anything really! With that said, I would just like to ask that you please not reblog any graphics I have posted with any negative comments!! Most of what I post are graphic requests for people!! This means, that whoever has requested something, likes that character, actor, ship, scene, etc, and I really do not want them to have to read negative comments about something that they like!

All I ask is that if you have a strong dislike for something I post, then please do not reblog or comment with any bashing remarks towards that character/actor/ship/scene of Merlin. I truly do not make anything to spark controversy and while everyone is entitled to their opinion and preference, please be respectful of other people’s preferences too!! If there is one thing we can ALL agree on, it is that we LOVE the show!! Let’s celebrate that, rather than continue to argue and bash characters and ships!!

I also ask that if you disagree with something I have posted (i.e. my transcription of a scene, etc), please contact me via message rather than reblog it with public comments that are inevitably going to spark controversy and debate!

THANK YOUU to whichever LOVELY people took the time to read this message!! I truly appreciate it and love ALL of you!!! And hope you all have a FANTASTIC day!! <333

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