Anonymous asked: "do you do custom themes still? I would LOVE one, because i'm terrible with themes."

HEY There Anon!!! I absolutely still do theme customizations :D!! Feel free to message me off anon and we can work out the details!! <3

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X-Men Role Play- Open Canons: Wolverine | Jean Grey [and many more]
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X-Men Role Play- Open Canons:  Sean Cassidy | Alex Summers | Hank McCoy | Moira MacTaggert
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  • Hank McCoy: How are Raven and Charles?
  • Raven Darkholme: He shot me!
  • Erik Lehnsherr: They're both fine.
  • Raven Darkholme: You shot me!
  • Erik Lehnsherr: Yes, Raven, I shot you, and I said I was sorry!
  • Charles Xavier: You shot me, too.
  • Erik Lehnsherr: I'm sorry for shooting everybody!
  • *adds*
  • John F. Kennedy: You shot me as well!
  • Erik Lehnsherr: Now you, I did not shoot!


X-Men Role Play- Open Canons: | Hank | Angel | Darwin | Sean | Alex | [and many more]
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“I can’t find my comb.” “Have you looked?” “Everywhere.”
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Info on Graphic Requests!

HEY Everyone!! I’ve gotten quite a few people messaging about whether I am still taking graphic requests and the answer is YES!! I have been incredibly slow between moving and then as it is fasting month for me in my religion, that has been draining my energy as well ;) I am slowly catching up on things though so I hope I can be consistent in my posting and fulfill all the wonderful requests from you lovely people!!

 I would like to THANK those who have been patient! I know I owe a couple people theme customizations and sidebar gifs and such and I PROMISE I will contact you as soon as I have something done!!

My ask box is ALWAYS open for requests or any messages at all really ;)! So please feel free to shoot me one at any time!! I am currently only taking requests for Merlin (any episode, character, ship, etc) so yeah!! Feel free to hit me up :D

Have an absolutely WONDERFUL day :D <33

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